Book Launch

Hello Friends and Family,


It was INCREDIBLE and THANK YOU!!!  I want to start by saying that my book launch party this past Monday exceeded my expectations.  I was exhilarated and filled with nervous butterflies.  My sincere gratitude to the outpouring of love and support from over 300 people, with 200 books sold that night!  It was terrific to see so many familiar faces and meet new friends and ending with a very long, Gloria Estefan’s conga line to boot.  

Yes, I was super tired the day after, but was humbled by so many glorious friends and family supporting me and stayed away from most technology.  I kept replaying special moments from the party in my mind’s eye and it was wonderful when I finally logged on Facebook and Instagram to see so many precious and marvelous images and posts about my book and book launch party.  Please keep “liking and sharing” it with others. 

THANK YOU—THANK YOU—THANK YOU for your feedback about the book via text messages, emails and social media.  I want to also THANK those of you who have spread the word by posting a Review” on AMAZON. Every review elevates Getting to Forgiveness up the ranks of Amazon analytics.  And as a favor in my new capacity as book saleswoman, let’s keep it going strong by continuing to post and sending out emails to friends and colleagues. The more books sold, the more money available to share with our local nonprofits. With your help, Getting to Forgiveness will become a #1 best seller!

I want to say THANK YOU to those who partnered with me and participated behind the scenes who made this event a success. I couldn’t and didn’t do this on my own.  I want to say THANK YOU to Duree Ross, President and CEO of Duree & Company and the amazing and ever-on-the-ball account coordinators; Haley Cullins, Abbie Lipton, Jenna Read, (anyone I forgot?)

I also want to say THANK YOU to the beautiful and talented Alyssa Simner Lovitt of Lovitt Events—for her eye for detail and for working tirelessly to make the evening a sensational event even under such tight time frames.

THANK YOU to Ivan Rodriguez, Owner/Producer of MakeMRave for the fun music, production of the power point and beautiful banners.  To our photographer Darryl Nobles of DreamFocus Photography for knowing just what pictures to take and capturing these precious memories.  All of you have been AWESOME. AMAZING AND BRILLANT and such a gift to work with.  See link attached.  Find your photo and upload to social media!  

Many of you said you would be interested in writing your own book.  I recommend that you reach out to my writing partner, Beth Herman at  Make 2020 the year you become an author, too.

THANK YOU, my dear friend and loyal reader.


Susie Levan

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